Schools and universities make huge investments on these mascots for their team. Whether it’s a fierce eagle or sweet dinosaur mascot a lot of planning needs to go into deciding the mascot's costume.

School Mascot

Almost every school that has a mascot, but you don’t remember every mascot that you ever saw, do you? 

The ultimate goal of a mascot is to get attention and stand out. Getting attention of the crowd is what they ultimately want. 

Here are the few tips as to what makes a mascot costumes to stand out that and will also help every school or anyone looking to improve their mascot costume.

The Head:

That over sized head is what you notice when you first see a mascot. The head of the mascot is the most important element as it represents the character that the school wants to represent. It cannot be ordinary, even if it is common it should be unique with all its common aspects.

The Body:

There is a reason why most mascots have a weird and cartoonish body; it is an eye catcher. The mascots body should be comfortable of course but needs to fit with the head in a cartoonish and a funny way. The body comprises more than half of the mascots whole costume. Therefore, it has to stand out in terms of color, design, and features.

Dancing Feet:

The mascots are known for cheering their team with their special moves, which are followed by fans in the bleachers together with cheerleaders. The feet of the mascots are usually huge, funny, and it completes the whole costume of the mascot. The feet are supposed to be very attractive along with being comfortable for dancing.