Walking around in an inflatable costume is a fun and enjoyable experience. In fact, I sometimes do it along with friends to prank some of our colleagues and even random passersby on the street. Who wouldn’t enjoy some good and funny scare after all?

If you’re like me who enjoys some lighthearted prank or just want some cute and funny costume for a fun event like a kid’s party or a family day, you’ll surely enjoy these best inflatable costumes.

Best Inflatable Costumes in Details

1. Rubie’s Adult Inflatable Dinosaur

If you’re a Jurassic World fan, you surely don’t want to miss this inflatable dinosaur costume. It comes with a battery-operated fan that requires 4 AA batteries to function, thereby keeping you cool and comfortable while wearing it.

As such, it’s not ideal for children as the size is a little too wide. However, when used by a grownup, he/she will surely become the center of attention in a party.

best inflatable halloween costumes

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It inflates in seconds and can stay inflated for a few hours. It’s also really quick and easy to deflate, so storing it shouldn’t be that much of an issue. Lastly, there are five different variants to choose from. You can choose from either a T-Rex, a T-Rex with sound, triceratops, velociraptor, and a velociraptor with sound.

2. TOLOCO Unicorn Rider- Best Inflatable Costumes For Adult

If you’re into fantasy, you’ll certainly love this inflatable unicorn rider costume by Toloco. It’s available in both adult and kid versions, thus allowing both you and your kids to wear the same costume.

Since it’s made of 100% polyester, it’s really comfortable, soft, and durable.

Inflating the costume is also easy and only takes a few seconds. It stays inflated with the help of a battery-powered fan that will keep the costume cool for a few hours.

inflatable Costumes For Adults

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Aside from its cute and funny appearance, the inflatable unicorn rider costume is also comfortable.

Due to this, you can party all night long without even having to take it off. When inflated, there’s plenty of jiggle space so your movement won’t be restricted. It’s also ventilated, thus you won’t get sweaty while enjoying various activities.

3. TOLOCO Wrestling – Best Inflatable Costumes For Kids

This inflatable sumo wrestling costume from Toloco is designed specifically for kids. It’s made of 100% polyester to ensure a comfortable fit.

It’s also soft and durable, thereby making it last for a long period of time.It’s designed for kids, hence making it ideal for fun occasions like kid’s parties, birthdays, trick or treats, and more. The costume can fully inflate in seconds with the help of 4 AA batteries.

Best Inflatable Costumes For Kids

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While inflated, it can last for a few hours while keeping you cool and comfortable with its battery-powered fan.

When wearing it on your kid, make sure to tighten the outer ring so the fan is held in place before putting it on. If the ring gets loose, the fan will easily fall out.

4. YEAHBEER – Best Inflatable Halloween Costumes

This inflatable costume from YEAHBEER is designed for all sizes and ages. In fact, you can easily choose the perfect fit based on your body measurement.

The costume gives the impression that you are riding on top of a green, ferocious dinosaur.To inflate the costume, you will need 4 AA batteries inserted in its battery-powered fan. However, keep in mind that they are not included in the package and should be purchased separately.

best inflatable halloween costumes

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Unlike the other products in this list, this one might be a bit harder to inflate. Fortunately, there are detailed instructions which you can follow.

You simply have to tighten its outer ring to make sure that the fan is held in place. Also, make sure you turn it towards the front in order to inflate the dinosaur’s head. As it’s available in both adult and kid sizes, you and your kids can surely get in on the fun.

5. Heyma Inflatable T Rex Costume

Inflatable t rex costumes are becoming a popular choice in the market, and this inflatable T-rex from Heyma is one of them. Since it’s made of 100% polyester, you can benefit from its ultra durable, soft, lightweight, and comfortable fit.

It’s designed for grownups and can be worn by either men or women. Wearing and taking off the costume is relatively quick and easy. You simply have to step inside the costume, zip it up, then tighten the drawstrings until you get a comfortable fit.

Heyma Inflatable TRex Costume

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Afterward, turn on the fan, and you’ll be ready to go. Like any other inflatable costumes, the Heyma inflatable T-rex inflates in seconds. Deflating is also quick and easy. You only need to insert 4 AA batteries to make it last for a few hours.

6. Lucky-Sun Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur

One of the most popular inflatables in the market, the Lucky-Sun T-Rex costume transforms you into a scary (kinda) T-Rex dinosaur. It lets you be cute, funny, and scary all at the same time.

Affordable and lightweight, the costume doesn’t even need extra accessories such as a matching bag.

It’s made of 100% polyester which is both soft, durable, and comfortable. In fact, you won’t even feel any discomfort while wearing it during a hot summer day.

Luckysun Adult Dinosaur shape Inflatable Costume

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It stands 2.2 meters tall and can inflate in just 90 seconds with the help of a pump.

It’s also fitted with a 9,000 rpm fan to keep you cool while wearing the suit while keeping it inflated at the same time. It comes with a battery box that can fit 4 AA batteries to power the fan. Alternatively, you can use a power bank to keep it spinning (the power bank is not included in the package).

The only caveat with the Lucky-Sun inflatable is that it quickly depletes battery power, thereby allowing only 1 hour of continuous usage.

How to Pick the Best Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes

Not all inflatable costumes are created equal. Therefore, you need to know how you can pick the best inflatable costume in the market. But how? Here are some tips you have to consider:

Look for the right fit

First and foremost, you need to look for a costume that can fit you perfectly. Each product varies in size: some are designed only for kids, some are just for adults, while some have both adult and kid size versions. You want a costume that can fit you perfectly and comfortably. Each product has its own specification when it comes to size. Just make sure you read the product details carefully.

Choose a product made of durable materials

Another consideration is the material used for the manufacturing of the costume. Since we’re talking about inflatable costumes, most of them are often made of synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester. While they are proven to withstand the test of time, they might not be completely impervious to sharp and pointy objects.

Pick a battery-efficient costume

An inflatable costume normally has a battery-powered fan that will keep it inflated for hours. Aside from that, it also keeps you and the costume cool for hours. The thing is, many costumes in the market are installed with a fan that won’t even last an hour. Therefore, it is ideal to look for one that can last for a few hours. Not only will it keep your costume inflated longer, it also helps you remain cool and comfortable while wearing the costume.

The design does matter

Needless to say, you want to buy an inflatable costume to have fun with it. It simply goes without saying that you have to pick one with a good design. A typical inflatable doesn’t look that impressive. It often comes in a round shape with a pretty boring design.

If you want to capture everyone’s attention and have fun while doing so, you want to invest in a good-looking costume. Fortunately, most costumes in the market have plenty of design and color options you can choose from.

Why You Should Buy an Inflatable Costume for Halloween

Buying an inflatable costume for Halloween allows you to take a break from the typical Halloween costume you see during the occasion. By wearing an inflatable, you will be able to attract the attention of everyone.

Not only that: an inflatable Halloween costume is also a bit more surprising to others especially if they haven’t seen one before. And since an inflatable can swell up once inflated, you’ll basically appear bulkier, bigger, and scarier than with a typical Halloween costume.

How an Inflatable Costume Works

An inflatable costume works with the help of a battery-powered fan. In most cases, the fan is powered using 4 AA batteries to help inflate the costume. Once inflated properly, the fan will keep on spinning to make sure that the costume remains inflated.

After a few hours of operation, the fan will eventually run out of power. Therefore, your costume will start to deflate as well. Some models can run by connecting a built-in USB cord to a power bank.

Final Notes

As mentioned earlier, inflatable costumes are a fun and cute way of prank or scaring your friends, family, or just about anyone in the street. Aside from that, they’re also an excellent choice of a costume for fun events and parties.

By choosing the best inflatable costume, you can have a fun and enjoyable time wearing your costume with either your friends or kids.

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