Investing in a mascot costumes for sale, whether for a corporate event and for personal use, may seem a somewhat straightforward process initially. However, there are specific potential problems which can be overlooked within the purchasing process. The good thing though, is that these potential problems could be avoided after some forethought.

Costume Weight- Is a concern not only to the wearer, and can effect on the shipping costs. The heavier the suit, the harder fatigued the wearer will become in a shorter time period along with the greater the overall shipping costs. Best made costumes, do not need to exceed 4-5kg as a whole weight. Costume Head Material- Be cautious about mascot costumes with paper board heads. Paper board heads are heavier, unwieldy, deform easier and are more challenging to keep up generally. Look for cheap mascot costumes who have an alternative material like polyfoam or possibly a similar substance. Easy Access- As not all costumes are created equal, so too will be the ability in the wearer to get in and beyond them. Try to find suits use a rear zipper and also detachable heads, gloves and shoes. General Cost- Shopping around is among the simplest ways and quite a few obvious strategies to upping your chances of obtaining a competitively priced suit. Make sure to also look for suppliers that have sourced their items straight from the manufacturing factories; these tend to be the most inexpensive because there are less intermediate processes' factored into the all inclusive costs. This last detail must be either advertised over a sellers' website or could be confirmed via a quick email towards the vendor. Overall Quality Control -Look for vendors which can be located in your country of origin, or failing that, inside a country which includes relatively strict quality control regulations. Try to avoid buying straight from the manufacturing country themselves e.g. purchasing direct from China. The merchandise direct from country of manufacture are generally less stringently checked for quality of product high actually is great variation from the substandard quality of merchandise produced there. This concludes our article concerning how to stay away from the usual pitfalls that could be present when buying an inexpensive mascot costume.